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Many men and women are suffering in silence and do not know what to do.
Hair loss for men and women can affect his or her self image, self-esteem and confidence.

Due to many factors more men and women each year have hair loss and hair thinning in different areas of the scalp, most commonly through the parting, temples, hairline, crown and top areas.

We have designed Volumizing Hair Products to target these problems considering the certain areas which need a helping hand.

The hair we use is in our hair volumisers is of high quality from various origins, we will match texture, weight and colour.

It is up most important that only the areas of loss be integrated with your own, for a natural and easy instalment (or) to be clipped in.

The hair from our volumizers feel like a part of your own hairstyle and can be styled as you would your own hair, shampooing and conditioning these hair volumizers are as normal.

Our hair volumizers require re-tightening every 5 to 6 weeks, if you prefer a clip-in we will show you how to attach ,IT IS VERY SIMPLE.

We have a variety of designs and styles, e.g. with fringe, without fringe, short, long partings and crown volumizers.
We always have a variety of volumizing hair products in stock or if need be we can design a made to measure volumizer. turnaround time to  make is 5-8 weeks for hand knotted designs.
We have many materials for natural bases which the hair is attached to, in skin colours with the appearance hair growing straight from the scalp.
There is a natural amount of hair attached to the scalp like bases, which have been knotted with a single knot method using1 to 2 hairs at a time.

Your hair volumizer will NOT  feel unnatural like some inexpensive wigs or toupee, even some expensive wigs and toupee appear overloaded with hair in all the wrong places and are very dated in styles and appearance. The hair quality is often cheap and not compatible with western hair types.

Come in for your complimentary consultation, upon arrival you will be given a quote.

Ask for Olga (03) 9510 6437    

We used a topette hair pice with South American virgin hair that has a really natural looking part.
We also cut a fringe to change up her look. Apart from the hair looking great, the fringe is amazing!! Nobody even noticed the topette.
We also put a little change of the hairstyle and colour. The client was relieved as she is normally scared to colour, and now she has enough hair to create the new style she wanted to.


After - Topette
After – Topette
Top Head
Top Head
Back Shot
Back Shot

We’ve used a V versatile new top and crown filler.Really gives natural volume through out the top & very easy to clip in.The V Versatile can be used on all lengths of hair.Get flat fine hair to look full and natural.

We have a range of colours & density available at West End Hair on Chapel.



The lady below is a new client of Westend Hair. She had her consultation over a month ago. She made the choice recently to take the plunge and get a top volumiser.

She has wavy but also fine hair.

The top volumiser is attached as she is going on a holiday overseas and does not want to worry about clipping on all the time. We texture matched her own hair with our hair, picked from our range of almost weightless hair volumisers and T Bone which will fill the areas needing help and blends with the clients own hair when she leaves it natural or if she styles and blow drys, curls or even wears it in a hair style up.

As she has picked the attachment method then she will need to pop in every 5 weeks for a re tighten and trim every other time on her own hair.


Rebecca’s Hair Experience




Rebecca is wearing genuine Russian hair Clip In’s, crown and fringe volumiser in a custom colour, which is naturally curly.


update: Rebecca came to see us again and we have blow dried her hair straight to create another look for her. Her top volumiser has lasted 1 1/2 years!