Have you ever desired shiny, vibrant and straight hair? If so, you can now get it with permanent hair straightening system! At, West End Hair, we provide you with a revolutionary process that revitalises and reconditions the hair structure, leaving you with:

  • Frizz free,
  • Super straight and
  • Seductively shiny hair

Permanent hair straightening requires a thorough knowledge of the hair structure and the health and condition of the scalp. That is exactly what West End Hair is known for. There are numerous hair straightening systems available at our salon in Melbourne. Our professional hair stylists will first assess your hair and then recommend the ideal solution for your hair.

Thermal ionic treatment is the most permanent hair straightening system.

Every woman wants to look attractive and all are not are blessed with natural look. West End Hair, a hair extensions & hair loss treatment for women salon, is the perfect answer for those who want to look attractive.

For a free consultation or to book your next permanent hair straightening appointment, call now on 9510 6437 or email us on westendhair@gmail.com  and let our skilled hair stylists take care of you.