DHT is a hormone which all men carry. The cells inside the root of the hair cause male hair loss and ultimately lead to total male baldness.

Although you would have to genetically be dispositional to it for it to occur. Hair in the front and top areas becomes sparse and fine and may fall and not grow back.

For minimal hair loss in men hair fibres’ can be used. We recommend A million hairs. If the hair loss is very visible then a toupee can be applied, often called by many other creative names, such as a graft or unit, skin graft, hair graft and so on. At the end of the day it is a base material which can be made from many types of materials depending on the life span of the unit.

The finer and lighter the material is the less amount of time the unit will last. The thicker the material is the longer the unit will last but if it is too thick will look unnatural and will not be breathable.

A consultation for a possible hair loss treatment will be needed to determine what will look best, but will also last a reasonable amount of time and still look good. Next is the hair origin and the density of the hair really has to be compatible and believable.

How to attach? There are glues, tapes, threading. Will you be taping, gluing yourself? Or will you be coming to the salon for this service. We prefer that we teach you how to do it yourself. At first you may need us but later you can do this in the privacy of your own home.

We do not have contracts or contract plans for our hair loss treatment for men. A deposit will be taken on your first order and you will pay the remainder when the product is attached. We will let you know when you will need to buy again, so that you can order when the time comes.

For a discrete free consultation on male hair loss & male pattern baldness please call us on 03 9510 6437 or send us an email on westendhair@gmail.com