Are you craving to get long hair? Looking on your dull and dry short hair depresses you? Hair Extensions can be a great solution. Since people are laying more stress on personal grooming and adornment nowadays, human hair extensions are gaining wide acceptance and popularity.

One of the hottest trends in recent times are human hair extensions clip in that will enhance your confidence and serenity. If you are looking for the services of a leading and reputed hair extensions salon, then West End Hair Melbourne  is the perfect place. We are the ultimate solution providers for all your hair problems including hair loss & hair extensions services along with permanent hair straightening and hair pieces.

Selecting the Right Hair Extensions Method

There are different hair extension methods used by different hair extensions salons in Melbourne, such as strand by strand, weft and clip on. However selecting an appropriate technique is highly essential otherwise it would lead to disaster of your existing hair.

West End Hair can assist you in every step of applying your hair extensions starting from discussing your needs and concerns through a Free Consultation, selecting the perfect method and training you how to continue maintaining your hair & hair extensions to get the maximum out of them.

Even though consultations are Free, booking a Free Consultation is essential, to enable us to have the time to provide you the best assessment of your situation and come up with the most convenient method for your specific case.