Hair loss appears to be a common yet disturbing problem for many women. Dandruff, frizzy hair, split ends, dry hair, flaky scalp and excess hair falls distresses many people. There are several causes of hair loss in women. In some cases, hair loss may occur due to genetic or hereditary factors. In other instances, it can be the side effect of some medical treatments that you are undergoing or have undergone. Normal life variations like excess stress, nutritional and hormonal changes can also lead to hair loss in women.

If we are listing out the common hair loss conditions, then it would include Post-menopausal Hair Thinning ,Female Pattern Baldness, Alopecia Areata , toupee, alopecia scarring, triclomania, male pattern baldness, baldness, thinning hair, cosmetic transplant burns and caraciadent, chemotherapy, radiotherapy baldness and tricology.

If you are suffering from above listed hair problems, West End Hair can offer some hair loss solutions to hide these flaws. We are not just a hairdressing salon, but an experienced women’s hair loss treatments provider and we believe in providing the state of art hair loss treatments for our customers.

Often, Women start losing their self confidence due to the hair loss problems. At West End Hair, we offer high quality Human Hair Extensions clip in, permanent hair straightening services and completely genuine hair wigs so that they can regain their stylish look easily. If you are craving for long thick hair, then attain it with on of our hair extensions solution.

Some of our most recent results

Amazing transformation. Our beautiful client who wanted other hair loss suffers to benefit from seeing her before picture. After having an illness and having an intrusive operation leaving a scared scalp. We made a customised Russian silk top. Which can be taped in the front and clipped back and sides. Easy and so natural looking.

photoSome times hair loss can be due to over processed hair. Left on too long by a hairdresser or at home. Our safe micro horizontal method really works to create a healthy base line.

over processed hair