Female Pattern Hair Loss or Female Pattern Baldness can start as early as in puberty, but is more commonly seen in ages 30 to 55.

Hairs in the top area of the head is affected the most, and it is similar pattern of hair loss as male pattern baldness occurs but usually much less severe. Hairs become fine and fluffy in texture; those hairs grow to a shorter length and my look a different texture than those hairs in the nape area of the head.

The parting widens often and the fringe becomes fine. Many clients we have treated for Female Baldness & Female Hair Loss with one of our TV’S (TOP VOLUMIZERS) have shown great success and regained their former head of hair and confidence to go with it. The balance of the hair looks full and natural. TV’S Can be clipped on or they can be attached and worn for 5 weeks then re tightened.

I personally love this product and wear mine with my hair extensions. I love it!!!!

For those who only have a mild case of Female pattern hair loss then hair fibres’ can be used as a female hair loss treatment. We supply super Million Hair. You just shake the fibres’ into your own hair and they will stick to your own hairs which makes those hairs plumper and the loss less noticeable.

Some of our Results

Beautiful people inside deserve beautiful hair outside. Below is Olga’s own design silk top bone
Is great for female pattern or hormonal hair loss. Our pieces a almost weightless and versatile to style up or down.

Female Pattern Baldness Before & After

Hereditary female pattern hair loss. Great results with our silk base South American natural hair. Bringing back confidence.
Hereditary female pattern hair loss