Can result in partial or total hair loss depending on the drugs you are being treated with by your doctor.

It would be best to complete your course of treatment before seeking to invest in a Top Volumizer (TV.) Because we need to see how your own hair will grow back and how what was the actual imact of you Chemo Hair Loss. Often the hairs will grow back in a different texture and even colour. We can then match according to what you have grown back. We can work with hair 6 inches long using a TV and hair extensions. You will need to invest in a lot of hair for this transformation short to long but the results are worth it and it feels like you and is attached to you.

Second alternative for chemotherapy hair loss is to wear a hair wig until your hair grows longer. We can custom make a wig for you in an origin of hair which mimics your hair and would look and feel comfortable.. Not everybody will want to wear a wig and it is a very personal choice, which you will need to think about carefully before investing.

We only sell hair pieces & hair wigs made from Indian, Mongolian, Russian and South American hair as the origins of this hair is finer and much more natural looking with westerners own hair origins. We also have many Asian clients and of course can supply Asian hair origin wigs for Asian clients.