Alopecia Areata is loss of hair which appears patchy on the scalp and sometimes on the body.

Alopecia Areata can be unpredictable and it may get worse or sometimes can get better. The patches are shiny and around the patch hair are fine and often break. The hair follicle is triggered and goes into resting faze which then causes the hairs to fall out, mostly affecting women and children.

What we can do about Alopecia Areata?

Depending on the severity of the condition we would choose a method for Alopecia Areata Treatment or sometimes mix methods where a top hair volumizer will be used to incorporate netting or mesh.

These two combined methods are also a success with Triclomania sufferers.

In the extreme cases of Alopecia Totalis a suction cap wig often called a vacuum wig would be the best option and will give the wearer the freedom to swim and take on and off herself.

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Latest Products

We have in stock hair wigs suitable for alopecia and those who have gone through chemo. Bases are soft and not heavy specially designed for sensitive scalps. FITS LIKE A GLOVE Very natural and we only use the most exclusive virgin Russian Hair which can be custom coloured. The parting area is so natural and the density is not too much. The workman ship is second to none.
One on one consultations can be made or you can join are after hours get together. join our next hair loss solutions support meeting in August to save a place 5 available plus 5 support friends.

Pro Wig

Our new line of inexpensive fashion wigs. INVENTIVE new idea! They have lots of different bases to choose from and what looks like hair is ACTUALLY NOT it is protein. You can shampoo, condition use styling products and use heated irons and tongs. AMAZING. They will last longer than synthetic or even heat resistant synthetic and look more natural than synthetic.
These wigs are so affordable you can buy 2 or 3

Our latest success with Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a hair pulling condition. We used a 100% Russian hair textured matched and hand sorted by Olga. Beautifully hand knotted silk top medium size. Also we partially installed 2.5 Russian hand made wefts. For a natural flowing look. Nervous about an upcoming wedding and being a brides maid for her best friend.
Our client was very happy to be up front in her friends wedding photos.
Hair-pulling hair loss solution