West End Hair is happy to announce the opening of our special Red Carpet Room

To our existing clients and we welcome new clients.

A one on one private, caring and a confidential setting. Upstairs 1st floor at West End Hair starting from 15th July. Opening Day 3pm to 7pm:

Schedule as follow

  • Meet Olga and our specialised supportive staff.
  • Enjoy some positive feedback on re claiming a fuller head of hair!!

We’ll be offering an extensive range of course that can help you built your self-esteem in the privacy of your home, quick, easy and inexpensive:

Ladies and girls. Women of all ages who are Trichlomania sufferers can learn some tricks to cover and style in a confidential safe environment.

Inexpensive quick solutions you can hide missing hair in no time.

  • Hands on 1.5 hrs.  2 styles you can recreate yourself.
  • Cost $150
  • Email westendhair@gmail.com with a jpge picture of the natural hair

* Any purchase made in the course will be at a 20% reduced price: (bespoke clip in) or TV, V top Customised methods to conceal and not reveal hair lost.

What can be done NOW!! ???

Cut and styled

  • 1.5 hours lesson (Includes a hair up style and a night out hair style down).

Hair loss conditions of all types some diagnosis are not what you want to hear!

Time to take a leap of faith.

You can have it now. Book it now! Online or email Olga send me a JPEG picture of all angles, daylight. (it will not be used be assured)

Questions & Answers:

Q: Can you teach me how to style my fine hair??

A: Yes we will take you through all you will need to know.

Q:  If I purchase a volumizer will it look natural?

A: Yes very natural, even close up.

Q: Can I make it look as good as you did???

A: Yes with help from our supportive staff and a little practice from you.

Q: What changes can be made without me feeling self conscious?

A: You can change your fringe, make your layers longer, make your length longer and have a fuller crown, parting or sides. You can just add volume to what you have. Don’t worry your confidence will grow and so will ideas for small changes, or big ones.

Q: Is my colour suitable?

A: Often the first time I meet a client. Her hair colour is too dark, or has been neglected through fear of damage and more hair loss. Consultation on colour and colour options really is a great option. We custom match and colour our TV,  subtle changes are a great picking up your look and your Friends and Co workers will make comments such as. I like your hair have you changed your colour??? It is a great distraction from the real change!!

Before and after pictures bellow and many more on this link


Q: Fittings and fixes. Temporary bespoke clip in or installed. Which is for me?

A: Just because you want to clip in for now, until you are 100% adapting to your very natural looking transition. That is all good. When you decide gee I wear it all the time. I might as well get my volumizer fitted. Not a problem. We just take off the clips. Make a small change to allow attachment. Our stylist will attach in about 45 mins. Re install is every 5 to 6 weeks. If you want to change back to clip in. We will make again small adjustments and you can clip in again.

Q: How to wash and which products should I use??

A: We always give you a care sheet to take away. And whilst doing your hair we will educate you how to look after your new amazing hair.

Adapting to your volumizer can take anything from 5 min to 1 week. I personally like to see my clients after 2 weeks of adjustment time. By this time you have learned how to clip it on, style up and out. And you feel like a weight has been lifted from your worries. The 2 week check up also gives me a chance to fine tune any blending or requests for maybe a little more hair cut off!

2 styles up and out.

We will show you how to recreate it yourself.

Bring a support person if you wish.

1.5 hours class $150 including your support person.  20% Discount when a volumizer or V top or frontal is purchased with the course.

Free Hair Replacement Quotation / Consultation


15th July Opening night.

Red Carpet Room.